Where The Wild Things Grow

Early Learning Centre Ltd.

Keira Irwin (Owner)

Keira graduated from Lethbridge College's Early Childhood Education Program receiving her Early Childhood Education Diploma and her Level 3 Certificate from the Government of Alberta. Keira has worked in childcare for the past 10 years. Keira enjoys spending time with family, walking her dog Rue, hiking, camping, and being outside. Keira chose Early Childhood Education after initially thinking of pursuing an Education Degree. After working in a summer camp at the YMCA she knew she wanted to pursue Early Childhood Education. "What I loves most about working with children is the ability to watch them learn and develop friendships. It is so neat to see children start as infants and progress through the program. One of the most rewarding parts of childcare is the relationships we get the build with the children and families we work with."

Eva Irwin (Owner)

Eva retired from Nursing in February of 2020, and started working at the program full time! She previously would come in regularly and volunteer her time at the centre giving extra attention to all of the children and cuddling babies. She received her Nursing Degree from the University of Athabasca. She is also certified as a Level 2 by the Government of Alberta. Eva enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, she loves reading, and spending time outside. Eva has always had a passion for working with children and is excited to spend her time at the program. 

Miranda Sandford

Miranda has completed her Diploma in Early Childhood Education at the Lethbridge College and is certified as a Level 3 by the Government of Alberta. We first met Miranda as our practicum student and were so impressed that we had to hire her! Miranda has been with us since January 2017. She enjoys reading, hiking, yoga, painting, and gardening in here spare time.  "I love childcare because I want to be a part of your child's journey through early childhood. I love being able to provide an atmosphere that encourages a healthy growth and development as well as being the loving and caring educator I would want my own child having. I love spending those magical everyday moments with your child and showing them the love and appreciation they deserve as they navigate their early childhood years."

Melanie Nalder

Melanie completed her certificate in Early Childhood Education at the Lethbridge College. She is certified as a Level 2 by the Government of Alberta. Melanie has been with us since January of 2020. Melanie enjoys spending time with family, reading, art, dancing, adventurers and anything creative and imaginative. Melanie dipped her toes into psychology and child and youth care, but chose to train in ECE. She believes in prevention rather than intervention later in life. She enjoys the world of discovery that children navigate, and the co-teaching environment; where you teach children, and they teach you. "It is so exciting and fulfilling to see their progress and see them walking their own path to success". She loves exploring the overlapping creativity and innovation you can find in children’s eyes. This is where children create their own possibilities as well as learn practical life skills.

Katrina Matchim 

Katrina has completed her Education Assistant Certificate at Mount Royal University. Katrina is certified as an Early Childhood Educator Level 1. Katrina started with us in September of 2020. She plans to pursue her Level 2. In her spare time she loves hiking, photography, fitness and reading. "The reason I love working in child care is because I love getting to see the world through their eyes, the world is so exciting and wonderful to them. I really enjoy getting to be creative and using my imagination with children everyday. Being able to experience that everyday brings so much positivity and joy into my life."

Ara Ko

Ara has completed her Early Childhood Diploma at Bow Valley College and is Certified as an Level 3 Early Childhood Educator.  Ara Started with us in November of 2020. She was a preschool teacher in South Korea then moved to Canada in 2010 to study Early Learning Child Care in Calgary. Ara believes in the importance of education at an early age and is dedicated to teaching children. She truly believes

children learn the best through play in a safe environment, and is here to guide them to explore the world. She loves cooking, yoga, playing the piano, also taught herself how to play the ukulele! She cannot wait to get to know everyone and build relationships with families!

Melissa Peters

Melissa completed her certificate in Early Childhood Education at the Lethbridge College. She is certified as a Level 2 by the Government of Alberta. She is a few courses away from receiving her Diploma. Melissa initially began pursing a career in social work, but after a year at Mount Royal University she decided to switch her focus to Early Childhood Education. Melissa did respite care for five children underneath the age of seven for a year and a half. "Respite has been one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had". Melissa Started with us in February of 2021. Melissa enjoys spending time with family, hiking, music, and travelling in her spare time. 

Hannah Derksen

 Hannah is currently enrolled in the Lethbridge College Early Childhood Education Program. She is working towards her Certificate. She is currently certified as an Level 1 by the government of Alberta. She plans to obtain her Diploma from the College. Hannah Started with us in October of 2021. In her spare time she enjoys painting, singing and board games. Hannah chose Early Childhood Education after growing up as the biological child of foster parents. She had children coming in and out of her home for her whole childhood. This experience showed her how much she loved working with children and swayed her to pursue a career in childcare. Hannah is very excited to further her education and have a career working with children. 

Jayden Pyne

Jayden is certified as a Level 1 certified by the government of Alberta. She plans to further her education by enrolling in the Early Childhood Education Program this coming fall to complete the diploma program. Jayden has a passion for working with young children and watching them learn and grow. Jayden Started with us in April of 2021. In her spare time she enjoys playing with her puppy, camping and being outside! 

Rachel Regehr

Rachel received her diploma in Early Childhood Education from Red River College (Winnipeg) in 2018 and her certification as a Child Development Supervisor (ECE III) (Alberta) in 2021. Working with children and travelling have always been my biggest passions – I had the opportunity after high school to live internationally, volunteering with children’s programming in both Australia and India. I also love dogs (and look forward to having our own someday), watching movies, and spending time outdoors with my husband, family and friends. I am excited to bring my training and childcare experiences to the great team at Where the Wild Things Grow. Most importantly, I look forward to developing positive and impactful relationships with all the families and children who attend the daycare.